Bam Shazam

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Bilbo decided to go inside a plastic bag I got from the mall on Saturday


Drawings from pudgemouthjin's Sims 4 stream on twitch. It was truly something.

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Shuu Bateman.

oh my god

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So some time last night Bilbo when inside the toilet I found little paw prints in there, way kind of cat goes inside a toilet? Unless he fell in?


All my smiling birbs <3

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Snowman - Hirokazu Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki - MOTHER (FC) / EarthBound Zero (NES)

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So there’s some kind of kid’s party in my neighborhood that has been going on for a while. My sister and I saw a butt load of cars and thought it was a yard sale, I keep hearing screaming coming from my yard and when I checked I saw a fucking jumping castle.

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